This is me, renovating my life, and my closet

From Destroyed Dress Pants to Chic Pencil Skirt

These old dress pants have been a closet staple for a long time but were starting to show their age along with several tatters and hem stains. I was sad to think of having to throw them out because they were so comfortable and I loved the color but they were definitely no longer work “appropriate” due to their tragic, tired state. So I took these crepe wool wide leg, Express “editor” pants, to the project table for a good old fashioned reconstruction.  I first ripped out the inseam from hemline to waistline in both the front and the back as well as the left side (to remove the side zip closure). I cut and reconstructed the waist and front of the soon-to-be skirt from a side zip to a front zip closure reusing the original zipper and closure buttons. I then pinned, shaped and sewed the front and back seams together to create an ultra slim and modern pencil silhouette. I finished the look with a taped, hand-sewn hem and a 4” kick-slit to add a little drama.

I’m in love with how this skirt turned out. It is young and fun but still professional looking and interview ready. I think the skirt came together nicely and makes this look really sharp. The shoes are from Old Gold and the shirt is from Target.

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